We offer extensive counseling and therapy interventions
Our counseling method is based within psychosocial interventions
Working to improve your well-being and enhancing your day-to-day coping skills

Welcome To Lephoi Health and Wellness Centre

At Lephoi Wellness Centre, our counseling practices allow you to understand yourself,
your reactions and how it affects the environment around you. The journey is not easy
but it is necessary, we are here to help with this life transition and make the journey
easier for you.

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Psycho” relates to an individual's thoughts, emotions and personality. We aim to equip our clients with the ability to articulate their feelings and address their personal problems while taking their psychological well-being into account.


The social life of an individual relates to how one lives with others within his or her environment.

Culture, values, ethics and norms play a pivotal role in an individual’s social life.